Why Do People Visit North Las Vegas At All?

Why Do People Visit North Las Vegas At All?

North Las Vegas is going to be destination that you will come to enjoy. It may not be in the midst of everything that goes on in the city, or down on the strip, but it’s a nice place to stay. There are also activities that you can do while you are there that can be family-friendly. If you happen to be traveling with your spouse and kids, you will find things to do in this northern area of Las Vegas. It has a much different vibe than what you will experience in Las Vegas proper, and here are the things you want to consider doing while you stay

Gift Shops And Parks

There are specialty shops in this area that are very nice. For example, you can go to the Rogue Toys in order to get unique toys for your kids. If you are looking for a park, there is the Aliante Nature Discovery Park which is open seven days a week. It’s a free place that you can go to just sit outside and play with your kids. There are structures that look like dinosaurs which they will enjoy, and it’s a very safe place to be. If you want them to have more fun, however, you are going to have to take one of the many tours that will take you into the air over and outside of the city.

Aerial Tours You Can’t Pass Up

Some of the aerial tours are considered to be some of the best in the Las Vegas area. There are those that will take you over the city at night, giving you a close-up look of the different towering structures. You can also go to Hoover dam which is not that far away, allowing you to fly there, and over the entire structure, in just a matter of minutes. If you want to go further out, Grand Canyon tours are also available, they will take you to either the west or south rim. Either way, it’s a beautiful sight to see from the air and you will marvel at how incredible nature is to have created something so wondrous and beautiful.

Traveling to Vegas does not mean that you have to spend the majority of your time in a casino. There is so much more to experience. Of course, as you walk down the strip, you will marvel at the incredible size, structure and design of the many beautiful casinos, not to mention the incredible number of people that are there every single day. It is a magical place, and if you would prefer experiencing this only part of the time, it is highly recommended that you find a place to stay in North Las Vegas that will be much quieter for you and your family.