Why A Vacation In North Las Vegas Is What You Need

Why A Vacation In North Las Vegas Is What You Need

If you haven’t been to southern Nevada before, it is likely you have never been to Las Vegas. This city is well-known throughout the United States, if not the world, and it is divided into a couple of different sections. The main portion of Vegas is identified with the strip, the place for all of the most incredible and majestic casinos are located. If you want to stay away from this, or if you simply want a quieter place, you can go to North Las Vegas. There are some activities that you can do their, and is close enough where you don’t have to worry about missing anything in the main city. There are two or three things you ought to consider doing if you are going to stay in this area of Vegas.

Aliante Station Casino And Hotel

There are so many things you can do in the north part of Las Vegas. One of those includes staying at the Aliante Station Casino And Hotel. This has a great buffet, and nice rooms. It’s also priced affordably. If gambling a little bit is something you like to do in a setting that is not so commercialized, you will certainly like your stay here. If you are going to be here for just a few days, or a week, you can book everything in advance and really get to enjoy this quiet setting.

Cannery Casino

Another casino that you can visit is called the Cannery. You can get popcorn, drinks, gamble, and it’s clean which is all you really need. It is definitely designed for people that are not into the large casinos and like that small town atmosphere. Some people that gamble only like slot machines and you might be able to find the ones that still have the handle on the right side. If you are going to be in North Las Vegas for business or a vacation, this is one place that you should visit.

On top of all of the helicopter tours that they have, and the close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, this is a great place to stay. You can relax and have a very mild vacation, one that will make you very happy if you are the type of person that likes to go slow. If you decide to, you can always head south and get cheap rooms that Circus Circus or one of the other casinos. At the very least, try North Las Vegas out to see what it has to offer, a place that some people actually never see.